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Monday, December 19, 2011

I love studying history...

One of the great joys of home schooling my children is the opportunity to study history in depth. Sorry, Mr. Groves, but my "early bird" high school history class just didn't cut it for me (we took this class at 6:45 in the morning -- meaning we were asleep through much of the class.)

That class did little to inspire my current love (and passion) for the study of history. But, I am willing to admit it now. I love history. I love history because of what I learn of mankind. I love history because it gives us such an perspective on current life; which is someting that only understanding history can do.

We are currently reading "A History of US" by Joy Hakim. These are some amazing history books. If you love history, you will not be disappointed in reading them...

Tonight, we were reading about the muckrakers of the late 1800's... and how they ushered in a new era in journalism, "investigative journalism."

Anyway, we were learning about a guy named Lincoln Steffans. He has an amazing quote from his book called "The Shame of the Cities" -- which incidentally made him famous...

Here it is...

"The misgovernment of the American people is misgovernment by the American people!"

Completely brilliant and spot on. Well said, Mr. Steffans.

And so, once again, studying history helps me fully realize the realities of my current world. It also reminds me of another great writer, King Solomon, who said, "There is nothing new under the sun." So true.

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