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we are all on a journey... and I think it is a good thing to process and to analyze the world around us. So being a writer... what better way to do this? This is a blog where I will authentically share with you the way I see life -- which may include the good, the bad and the ugly. I am glad you found me. I hope you come back again. Blessings.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Like most of the midwestern United States, it is HOT in Kansas. Triple digit temperatures for many days. And little rain. Which naturally leads to a drought. I know this. It is simple. And yet, today I internalized it when I saw first hand the effects.

I was driving downtown Wichita and I saw the Arkansas River. It was nothing more than a muddy stream. And seemingly overnight all the grass in our city is not green anymore. Instead, it is a lovely shade of light brown. The effects of our drought became blatantly obvious to me today -- although, for several days I knew it was hot and dry and we had not had rain.

Odd, I know, but seeing all the effects around our city of a literal, physical drought made me think of my spiritual life. So many times, I am in a drought spiritually but I don't really know it. I know I am dealing with junk (severe heat) and I know there is little water being poured into my parched soul. But usually, it sneaks up on me. And then I see something which makes me realize I am in a spiritual drought.

As I was out driving around today, I thought, "We need rain. Badly. Like now!" Spiritually, you get to that point to. "I need God. Now. Badly."

Why is it we sometimes have to experience a severe drought in our lives to realize our constant need and dependency on (living) water?

Jesus says, "Whoever believes in me...streams of living water will flow from within him." Sounds like the answer to the droughts in life!