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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Impact of One Man's Life

I remember when I met Delane Butler (back in 1989,) he had this weird looking computer with a small screen. It was different from all the computers I was used to.

But according to him, it was way better than any PC. He also told me of the creative genius behind this computer, a guy named Steve Jobs, who helped invent this fantabulous computer.

We married and I went on to write many college papers on that Apple computer. And through those early years of marriage, I also continued to hear a lot more about Steve Jobs and his latest creative move.

As my husband continued to pursue graphic design vocationally, he decided he needed a bigger computer screen. And of course, the computer that all graphic artists needed to have was an Apple computer. So, we bought another one...

Not very many people had Apple computers in the early 90's. It seemed like it was just the artists of the world. And a few teachers here and there. These were the days before the iRevolution. Yes, there was a time before iPods, iTunes and iPhones. Radical, huh?

When it was time to replace this computer, I convinced my dear husband to get a PC. He. Did. Not. Want. To. But, he was now in a different vocational role and he didn't do much design work anymore. He gave in. We had a PC for a while. It bombed a lot. And did weird things. And every time it did something inexplicable, I would hear something like... "We should have gotten a Mac...."

When we decided to get a laptop, there was really no big decision. Well, maybe a little. But thankfully, we got a Mac. And when our PC bit the dust, well, we had learned our lesson.

It is weird how you can have a fond attachment to "things" in this life, isn't it? I mean, come on, it is a computer. It is basically a bunch of plastic, and some glass, and circuit boards. And yet computer technology has had a profound effect on our lives. It affects the way we live. The way we work. The way we communicate. The way we interact. The way we learn.

And then there is my favorite invention from the Apple people. The iPod. I mean, wow. It is one of my most favorite inventions ever. Okay, penicillin first. But then, probably the iPod. It is great. Having volumes of music and pictures and video and lessons and audio books all at my fingertips in a little tiny case -- that also happens to be cute and stylish. Awesomeness.

And I haven't even mentioned Mr. Jobs' contribution and influence on the genius that is Pixar. I mean where would animation (and modern day pop-culture) be today without Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, Up...?

So, as my story comes full circle. It seems fitting that my dear husband was the one who broke the news of Mr. Jobs' passing to me. He had logged onto the internet and read it first.

Like so many today, I have reflected on the contributions accredited to Steve Jobs. It is amazing to think about how one person's life and creativity and genius can have such a profound impact on the world. Indeed, his life has affected my life in many ways. And I never even met him.

And yet, as I truly think about it all, I realize it is all just stuff. And more importantly, I am aware that when we are done, it all goes back in the box.