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Monday, January 2, 2012

Blank Spaces...

Happy New Year!

I spent this second day of January creating some blank spaces in my house...

The day began by saying goodbye to family, reorganizing the house, doing lots of laundry and putting away all the Christmas decorations.

And I realized while going through these chores, that all of these activities created blank spaces... Spaces where our family had been and enjoyed time together, spaces where all our Christmas decorations had been... blank spaces.

Before all of the family left, I got out my calendar to check on some dates in the summer... and as I looked through it, for the most part the year has lots of "blank" spaces too.

It got me to thinking... I kind of enjoy some blank spaces in my life.

Although, I would not rank January as my favorite month of the year, there is something kind of refreshing about the blank spaces in our lives in January, isn't there?

After all the parties and activities throughout the holidays, it is kind of nice to not have too many plans for the next few weeks. And I don't know about you, but I also like some blank spaces in my home too.

In an ironic way, there is something about blank spaces which create a sense of expectancy... an expectancy of what will come... you know nothing is there now, but you know something will be there eventually, but what will it be?

So, as I look around at some of the blank spaces in my life, I am also looking forward with expectation to this new year and what it will bring!

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