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Sunday, December 11, 2011

God is Good...

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear former president George W. Bush speak when he came to Wichita.

He told many stories as he reflected on his past and his experiences as a son, as a business leader and, of course, while he was a president.

One story he shared touched me greatly. I will always remember it.

He shared a story of visiting a village in Africa. He was able to meet with a group of orphans who had lost the parents to the AIDS epidemic. As he was leaving them, he said, “God is good.” And they replied back in unison, “All the time.”

I loved this story because of the truth it tells. God is good. All the time. In times of joy. In times of sorrow. In times of hope. In times of hopelessness. In times of prosperity. In times of want.

Bush shared that even though these orphans had the "right" to be angry and bitter and cynical... they weren't. They praised God in spite of their circumstances.

Bush went on to discuss how different America would be if this would be our motto -- what would we as a nation be like if we would recognize the goodness of God all the time! Wow! It makes you think.

The coolest thing about the evening was when Bush left the stage for the evening, he said "God is Good." And in unison, the audience of 4900+, said back "All the Time."

One of the highlights of my year!

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  1. I liked that story too! He was really good, wasn't he?