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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Winter of our Discontent...

So it is snowing again today in Kansas. I know, it is wintertime and snow happens. We should be expecting this kind of thing throughout the winter and yet several of us are now tired and bored of the snow....

Why do we so easily get tired of the things we desire? We start out the season (whatever season it is - either a season of life or a season of the year) looking forward to what the season will bring and then when the season delivers, we get antsy, ready to move on, "bored."

Let's take this winter season. We didn't get any snow to speak of during November. We didn't have a "White Christmas." And then January. We were all ready for snow. We were tired of the bleak winter landscape without any white stuff. And then it came. It was awesome. We loved the snow. It was beautiful. And then some more came...and things were canceled, it changed our plans, kids were stuck inside... we started to get tired of it... the beautiful snow piles left started getting dirty... Yuck.

And now, more snow. The very thing we were hoping for a few weeks ago... and yet it doesn't hold it's magical influence on us anymore. My kids are not standing at the window yelling, "It is snowing!" They are almost oblivious to it. What is up with that? Taking an objective point of view, it is beautiful outside. The snowflakes are big and pretty and all that dirty snow is being covered up! It is exactly what we wanted just six weeks ago. And now, we are tired, we want to move on. We are ready for spring!

It is not just the weather where we do this. I know this has happened in the seasons of parenting too. I would look forward to a season of my kids life...and then when we are in it, I would get tired of it and be ready to move out of this particular season or phase of life.

So, I wonder, why do we do this? Why is it so hard for us to just live in the moment and enjoy each and every aspect of where we are at a particular moment in time? My hope is I can look out my window and enjoy what the day has to hold. That is my hope... my intention... but as I look out of my window, I can't help but imagine the trees and flowers in full bloom.

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