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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day used to mean something completely different to me... It was a day full of expectation where I would think about getting flowers or candy or jewelry from my true love.

Now? Not so much. In recent years, I have found I don't care about this holiday as much as I used to... It seems forced, contrived, manipulated... and I think I am beginning to "dislike" Valentine's Day. (I sound a bit like a non-loving, non-romantic Valentine Scrooge, huh?)

So, I ask myself why. Especially when I consider that I love gifts and words of affirmation. You would think Valentine's Day would be right up my alley.

I think so much of it lies in the marketing of the holiday - it seems to me that more and more holidays are losing their true meaning and are becoming all about purchasing the "perfect" gift or making the "perfect" plan. Marketing encourages you to elevate your expectations and expect the perfect day, date, gift, chocolate, etc... However, because we are in relationships with fellow humans, who are by nature not perfect, our elevated expectations are rarely met and we end up feeling disappointed and frustrated because we realize our lives are not "perfect."

In recent years, Valentine's Day has been more about my kids and giving them some candy. You know because the candy they got at Christmas is gone and it is still a few more weeks until the next candy-fest Easter. I am okay with this. Today, I gave them a homemade valentine with a bag of 15 pieces of chocolate. Yes, I go all out.

And just so you know that I am not a complete Valentine Scrooge, I do think Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to tell those around you that you love and appreciate them. Because, telling those you love that you love them is always a good idea no matter the day.

So, what are your thoughts on this holiday?


  1. Reminds me of this NY Times article I read yesterday. I must say I completely agree. Great minds, Alisha.


  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Scrooge! :)

    I didn't do anything for my kids today except take them to dinner. But we made cookies last week for co-op. That's something.

    I'm more for spreadin' the love daily...