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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Merry Ol' Month of May

Whew!  Can you hear that?  That was a loud and very definite sigh.  I am not going to lie... I am a little relieved the month of May is coming to an end...

As I look back on the last month, it was pretty much a whirlwind. It was chocked full of birthday parties, banquet dinners, graduation parties, field days, planning meetings, field trips, garage sales, showers, more birthday parties, more graduation parties, more birthday parties... I start to get overwhelmed just looking back at my Daytimer.  And yes, I still have a Daytimer.  And I use it.  And I am not afraid to admit it.

Celebrating Garett!

Perhaps it is because of this season of life, but the last few years, May has been a non-stop flurry of activity.  It is almost like being on the tilt-a-whirl at a carnival.  You are enjoying it, but it seems like everything is spinning and even though it is thrilling, you are so ready to get off the ride!  

It seems when the kids were smaller, May was a more laid back month.  We went to the River Festival, we celebrated Mother's Day, we spent time outside enjoying the Spring, we planted flowers.   But not so much now... 

To be sure, I love all the fun and the blessings and connections with friends and family the merry ol' month of May brings.  But, I will have to admit, I am ready to settle into a summer schedule that is a "little" more laid back.  And Memorial Day seems to usher in that slower pace... days at the pool, trips to Sonic, family vacations... I know I am ready.

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