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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunblock...or NOT

The Butler's were going on vacay. We were heading to the Sunshine State -- finally getting some beach time. Being the awesome, thoughtful, mom that I am... I bought the 50 SPF sunscreen. Surely, that would be the needed extra protection for my fair-skinned kiddos. Well, not exactly...

So, evidently, the spray on sunblock...Not the best sunblock. (Conveniently, I read a whole article about this in a magazine on MY WAY HOME.) For starters, applying the spray on stuff at the beach is not the best idea. Because, yeah, it is windy. And half of what you are spraying out blows away. Then, as you apply it, you can't really see it or feel where it has been applied (unlike the oily greasy feel of the white lotion.)

So, short story long... we all got burned real bad. No bueno. We spent the rest of our vacation walking funny, aching, itching, not hugging each other (not that we walk around hugging each other anyway, but you get my point) and looking blotchy. The kids think Mr. Man looks like he has a mask on...

So as you head out for summer fun, I would highly recommend you stick to the good old-fashioned lotion stuff. I put that kind on my face and it didn't burn at all!

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