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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reasons why I home school...

We have many reasons we home school our children... And some may even surprise you...

As the school year begins, I sometimes question this decision. Sometimes I want to live within a different reality. When my curriculum arrives, the panic sets in. I have to get through all of this and teach several different subjects to several grades all the while dealing with the shenanigans of a four year old?!?!?

But I believe I was called to home school. Why? I am not sure. I may never know this side of eternity... But nevertheless, this is where we live. This is where God has confirmed we need to be...

Today I was reading a blog. She beautifully describes many of my feelings about the whole issue. Give it a read... It spoke to my heart.


As I think about how quickly my children are growing up... I am confident of this... I will not get to end of my life and wish I had spent less times with my kids. I know I will look back on all the hours I spent with them "home schooling" them with fond memories...thankful I was blessed with extra time with my kids... Blessings.

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