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Friday, April 8, 2011

Springtime in the Plains

We have lived in Kansas for 15 years... And I can say unequivocally, spring is my favorite season in Kansas. When we lived in Indiana, I would tell you that fall is my favorite. Fall is glorious back that way. But here? Here the spring time is glorious. Even with the wind. And even though we are put on alert for severe weather from time to time. Spring is my most favorite season in Kansas.

So what makes Kansas so special in the spring? Well, for starters, it is beautiful and lush and green. All the grass, bushes, trees, and plants seem fresh. And right now they are blooming and budding. Gorgeous.

I love seeing those first Forsythia plants start blooming. Then the Bradford Pears. Then the Red Bud trees... It seems every week there is a new plant or bush to enjoy in all its radiant glory. You most definitely see first hand the work of an amazing creator.

In addition to the sights of spring, I love the sounds of spring too. I love to hear the wind blow and feel the breeze flow through the window. I love the sound of the birds chirping and calling their mate. I love the hum of the neighborhood lawnmowers powering up for their call of duty.

It makes me feel alive and excited and thankful. There is just something magical in the air in the spring! I love it!

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